We excel in the communication of scientific and technical information, especially about the environment, natural resource management and climate change.

We prepare, package and deliver this information so it is meaningful to its intended audience, ranging from the general public through to business and government stakeholders.

Karen Pearce

Karen PearceKaren Pearce established Bloom Communication in 2007, after working in communication and science-related roles for a number of years. Her experience extends across both the public and private sectors, having held positions in universities, government agencies and publishing, as well as operating as a consultant for small businesses.

Since launching Bloom Communication, Karen has undertaken projects for local, state and federal government agencies, research agencies and private enterprise. She has particular experience in the communication of issues about climate change, the environment and natural resource management.

Karen studied ecology and biodiversity, and holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from Macquarie University and a Graduate Diploma in Science Communication from Central Queensland University. She is a member of the Australian Science Communicators and the Society of Editors (NSW).


In addition to Karen’s expertise, Bloom Communication regularly engages suitably qualified communication professionals to ensure that projects are completed to the highest standards and on time.