ACCSP annual report 2014–15

Client: CSIRO | 2015

ACCSP Annual Report 2014–15

The Australian Climate Change Science Programme (ACCSP) was the Australian Government’s largest and longest running climate change science initiative. It was jointly run by the (then) Department of the Environment, CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology.

CSIRO engaged us to produce the 2014–15 annual report for the ACCSP, with a focus on presenting programme achievements in a more easily accessible, policy-relevant manner than previous reports.

To achieve this we prepared a proforma that allowed us to collect the type of information and context we needed from the scientists. We recast this information for the key audience, with clear ‘science informing policy’ and information boxes. We edited the content to a consistent voice and style, free of typographical and grammatical errors, and managed the production of the final report, working with one of our graphic design associates.

The report is available on the ACCSP website.