Regional Climate Consortium for Asia and the Pacific communication products

Client: CSIRO/Asian Development Bank | 2017

Regional Climate Consortium for Asia and the Pacific products

The Regional Climate Consortium for Asia and the Pacific (RCCAP) was developed under the Asian Development Bank Technical Assistance project Regional Climate Projections Consortium and Data Facility in Asia and the Pacific to facilitate the development, dissemination and application of climate information in support climate resilient development in its Developing Member Countries.

We were engaged by CSIRO to help develop the portal and associated communication products for the RCCAP project, including comprehensive guidelines for using climate change science in impact and vulnerability assessments, and reports and fact sheets for the case studies that demonstrated the application of the guidelines.

We prepared the guidelines in close collaboration with technical experts and produced the final online version. We edited the final case study reports and prepared fact sheets for each, which we also produced.

We also worked with web developers to structure and populate the project portal to provide access to data and guidance material. We prepared a number of videos to demonstrate the functions of the portal while it was still in development, to assist with the collection of timely feedback that could be incorporated into the portal’s development. The portal was trialled at a regional workshop in Bangkok in May 2017. We demonstrated the portal at the workshop and collected valuable stakeholder feedback for its finalisation.

We were engaged to produce the workshop report for this event, and we worked closely with Scientell, who facilitated the workshop, on a pre-workshop participant survey which was used to inform the structure of the workshop and as a basis for an evaluation of the workshop.

The communication products are available from the RCCAP portal.