Valuing seasonal climate forecasts

Client: NSW Department of Primary Industries | 2018

Valuing seasonal climate forecast factsheets

Seasonal climate forecasts have the potential to provide opportunities for primary producers to better match farm decisions to pending climatic conditions, but lack of evidence of this potential is a factor limiting their adoption in Australia. The New South Wales Department of Primary Industries carried out case studies across nine commodities to provide examples of potential forecast value.

We worked with the DPI research team to make the key findings from the case study technical reports, which we edited, readily accessible.

We drafted, designed and produced a series of nine fact sheets covering:

  • Prime lamb production in southern Australia
  • Beef production in southern Australia
  • Beef production in northern Australia
  • Grain growing in southern Australia
  • Grain growing in northern New South Wales
  • Grain growing in Western Australia
  • Dryland cotton growing
  • Rice production in Australia
  • Sugar growing in Queensland.

The case study reports and fact sheets are available on the NSW DPI website.