What we do

Communication planning and implementation

We develop and implement communication plans for ensuring that communication activities are strategic, appropriately resourced and timely. Plans may be for individual communication products or educational programs and major communication initiatives (and everything in between).

Stakeholder engagement

Effective communication is targeted to its audience, so getting to know that audience is critical. We conduct a range of stakeholder engagement activities, including surveys, meetings and workshops, either as stand-alone events or as a component of a communication plan.

Content development

We develop concepts and content for all applications, from small print ads to complex multimedia communication tools. We look after all stages of the process, from researching and drafting through to review, approval and production.


Putting the right words together to inform, explain, educate or promote can be difficult. From a paragraph to a page to a suite of communication products, we have experience writing for a range of print and online formats for a variety of audiences.


Ensuring your writing is well-presented, error-free and easily understood is critical for effective communication. We offer a range of editing services, from checking proofs to copyediting to undertaking a substantive edit of your document. We also develop in-house style guides, so anyone producing documents for you or your organisation is aware of your standards and conventions.


Coordinating all of the elements required for a finalised report, glossy brochure, e-newsletter or website can be time-consuming. We work with your designers and developers, or with our production partners, to manage the production and delivery of your communication products.


Developing great resources and initiatives is wasted effort unless your target audience knows they’re available. We promote your products through a range of new and traditional media to raise awareness and enhance uptake, ensuring your material reaches the people it was intended for.