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Five tips for working with your graphic designer

As a science communication specialist, I not only have the good fortune to work with the country’s leading scientists, but also with incredibly talented and creative communication professionals. So, when I wanted to compile a list of top tips for working with a graphic designer, I knew where to turn for advice. I’ve worked with graphic designer Lea […]

Five tips for climate-ready communication

There’s a shift in climate change communication that is transforming the way that we talk about climate change science. We no longer have to communicate to ‘prove’ the science. The science is sorted. Nor do we have to continue to go over basic terms and concepts. People know about greenhouse gases, and understand that their […]

Research to community: key messages from the 2015 AMOS conference

Last week I had the good fortune to attend the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (AMOS) conference in Brisbane. The theme of the conference was ‘Research to Community’, so as far as science conferences go, there was a significant focus on matters of communication – from how operational forecasters convey tropical cyclone information, to using communication […]

Survey: social media and science snapshot

Social media offers scientists and science communicators unprecedented opportunities to engage with the public and peers, and to promote their science. However, with so many channels, so much content and so many players, social media also throws up its fair share of challenges. To ensure we are making the most of social media opportunities (and […]

An effective two-step communication strategy

There is a simple, two-step approach to effective communication that will work every time: Plan it Do it The importance of planning All too often we see communication activities that are ad hoc or scattergun. Apart from the odd lucky hit, the rest of the effort ricochets out into nowhere. A planned approach will provide direction […]